Released 2023-07-27
0000461: [General] file does not recognize PaperPort MAX files. (christos)
0000462: [General] support for the age, scrypt file encryption tools (christos)
0000463: [General] CSV is detected as ASCII text (christos)
0000464: [General] Perl module with package version not detected as Perl source (christos)
0000465: [General] SIGSEGV crash in cdf_ctime when musl is used (malicious Office document) (christos)
0000443: [General] Private PKCS8 SSH keys aren't recognized (christos)
0000453: [General] Make magic.mgc fails (christos)
0000442: [General] DKIF / IVF formats not recognized (christos)
0000454: [General] C source file classified as HTML (christos)
0000455: [General] Incomplete documentation for magic_getpath in (christos)
0000456: [General] LRZip: wrong MIME type (christos)
0000452: [General] mdoc man pages misidentified as C source (christos)
0000451: [General] Improved magic file for DwarFS file system images (christos)
0000438: [General] Some Apple QuickTime videos not recognised by file 5.44 (christos)
0000436: [General] "file" reports incorrect line ending for a file with CR on 65536th byte (christos)
0000450: [General] SIMH emulated tape files (".tap") mis-identified as ATARI Degas (christos)
0000447: [General] MIME type output: missing separator between matches from multiple magic files (christos)
0000439: [General] Add magic for SmartVersion binary patch files (christos)
0000440: [General] Bug when using -z with an lzrip compressed file (christos)
0000441: [General] Radiance File MIME-Types Commented Out (christos)
0000446: [General] PDF appendix allows header in first 1024 bytes; Magic looks in 256 (christos)
0000444: [General] different result when file length is bigger than 65537 bytes (christos)
0000449: [General] Add magic for the DWARFS compressed file system format (christos)
0000448: [General] invalid MIME type for broken input (christos)
0000427: [General] docx file is determined as zip (christos)
0000433: [General] Since f7a65db, ELF file magic is broken for all ELF files with a note section (christos)
0000421: [General] Debian package with control file with zstd compression has extension truncated (christos)
0000423: [General] Doesn't properly identify Mathematica notebooks MIME type (christos)
0000432: [General] file does not recognize precompiled files, generated by llvm (christos)
0000426: [General] Error "lhs/off overflow 4294967295 0" is printed to console (christos)
0000429: [General] Build failure with gcc 4.8 (christos)
0000431: [General] ERROR: (null) when running with --mime-type on a specific byte sequence (christos)
0000419: [General] Add Cflags compile-time flags for pkg-config (christos)
0000417: [General] filetype for Microsoft OneNote files is not detected (christos)
0000416: [General] Test failure on sparc (christos)
0000418: [General] Patch for HWP file format signature (christos)
0000415: [General] ChangeLog.lz: empty (lzip compressed data, version: 1) (christos)
0000414: [General] Missing handling for EM_AMDGPU and most other architectures (christos)
0000411: [General] Sony XAVC reported as application/octet-stream (christos)
0000413: [General] softmagic.c fails to compile due to undefined UINT_MAX (christos)
0000412: [General] file 5.43 compile error on MinGW/MSYS2 and fix (christos)
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