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0000417: [General] filetype for Microsoft OneNote files is not detected (christos)
0000416: [General] Test failure on sparc (christos)
0000418: [General] Patch for HWP file format signature (christos)
0000415: [General] ChangeLog.lz: empty (lzip compressed data, version: 1) (christos)
0000414: [General] Missing handling for EM_AMDGPU and most other architectures (christos)
0000411: [General] Sony XAVC reported as application/octet-stream (christos)
0000413: [General] softmagic.c fails to compile due to undefined UINT_MAX (christos)
0000408: [General] --preserve-date causes crash when sandboxing syscalls (SIGSYS) (christos)
0000412: [General] file 5.43 compile error on MinGW/MSYS2 and fix (christos)
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