Released 2022-12-26
0000404: [General] mime-types and extensions for GRIB (christos)
0000405: [General] Wrong mime for JPEG XL images (christos)
0000407: [General] mime-type and extension not emitted for lzma (christos)
0000400: [General] Haskell & Julia (christos)
0000403: [General] Any text file containing a line starting with "PROC" identified as Algol 68 source text (christos)
0000402: [General] Add support for Playdate native files (christos)
0000399: [General] file typos (christos)
0000397: [General] Regression in mode -f- (stdin) (christos)
0000398: [General] Build failure without wide support (e.g. on uclibc) (christos)
0000387: [General] !:strength sometimes causes magic to disappear (christos)
0000389: [General] /usr/bin/env patterns should be stronger than more general patterns (christos)
0000395: [General] no magic for .tar.bz3 and .bz3 files (christos)
0000394: [General] Makefile misidentified as "PRO-PACK archive data", while file -i is correct (christos)
0000304: [General] Netpbm format does not correctly parse size for some images (christos)
0000372: [General] allocation-size-too-big for file with ASAN (christos)
0000390: [General] Detection for Frontier Silicon firmware downloads (christos)
0000382: [General] dsd64-dsf test fails with musl C library (christos)
0000385: [General] Anki APKG files are not recognized separately from ZIP files (christos)
0000384: [General] Mime type application/x-ndjson misspelled as "x-ndjason" (christos)
0000381: [General] test.c:61:22: warning: use after 'free' of 's_17' [CWE-416] [-Wanalyzer-use-after-free] (christos)
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