Released 2021-03-30
0000239: [General] More IFF magic again (christos)
0000196: [General] Improve pgp binary key detection support (christos)
0000180: [General] A file filled with 0xFF gets reported to be ISO-8859 (christos)
0000213: [General] Chiasmus encrypted files (.xia) (christos)
0000251: [General] elf files for Synopsys ARC are not identified correctly (christos)
0000235: [General] 5.39 reports "Certificate" instead of "ASCII text" for the PHP project NEWS file (christos)
0000241: [General] file is killed by seccomp filter when executing futex syscall (christos)
0000242: [General] Follow-up to 000226, now the marker is 4 bytes long (christos)
0000243: [General] Add libmagic.pc to .gitignore (christos)
0000244: [General] Detect NETDATA (z/OS and CMS XMI) files (christos)
0000246: [General] video/mp4 identified as application/octet-stream (christos)
0000247: [General] Magic file patterns for the LAMMPS MD code (christos)
0000237: [General] Detect Ansible Vault files (christos)
0000238: [General] MP4 Base Media v1 has the typo "IS0" (0 as the number zero) instead of "ISO" (O as the letter) (christos)
0000236: [General] Codespell report for "file" (on (christos)
0000223: [General] there should be an option to tell the user just how long long lines are (christos)
0000228: [General] 5.39 reports incorrect mime type for zip v2.0 files (christos)
0000230: [General] INI: extra CR (christos)
0000227: [General] Missing word in man page (christos)
0000232: [General] Devicetrees with a structure section larger than 1MB are not correctly identified (christos)
0000226: [General] Add support for "Birtual Machine" (not a typo) (christos)
0000233: [General] magic/console: Game Boy ROM Image RAM size is wrong for byte 03 (christos)
0000234: [General] Memory problems running finfo::buffer with PHP_CLI (christos)
0000222: [General] Add more Citrus locale database file support (christos)
0000225: [General] Any way to set parameters with python bindings? (christos)
0000221: [General] Add font name for PostScript Printer Font Binary (christos)
0000220: [General] Add compression method for ZIP archive file (christos)
0000219: [General] Add support for identifying LocoScript documents (christos)
0000218: [General] Add support for e2fsck undo files (christos)
0000216: [General] CBM BASIC support (christos)
0000211: [General] running file terminates with “ERROR: error reading” (christos)
0000215: [General] identify NeXT filesystems (christos)
0000212: [General] Add PowerPC/OpenPOWER ABI descriptions (christos)
0000207: [General] More AutoCAD DWG/DXF (christos)
0000210: [General] Wrong define for strndup workaround on AIX (christos)
0000209: [General] apprentice.c:coalesce_entries can call malloc with a 0 size (christos)
0000206: [General] More IFF magic (christos)
0000203: [General] diff files starting with "--- prof" or "--- pipe" misidentified as CLIPPER instruction profile/trace (christos)
0000202: [General] Support Vim encryption modes (christos)
0000197: [General] Be File System (bfs) file recognition (christos)
0000201: [General] Typo in manual page (christos)
0000199: [General] MovieSetter support (christos)
0000200: [General] Fantavision support (christos)
0000187: [General] Support ALZ, EGG archive format (christos)
0000195: [General] Different execution depending on whether or not --mime-type is given (christos)
0000194: [General] Missing seccomp whitelist entries for musl libc (christos)
0000193: [General] use incorrectly resets the offset (christos)
0000190: [General] use always matches (christos)
0000192: [General] Typo in magic file (christos)
0000188: [General] nested use of name is unexpected (christos)
0000189: [General] 'use' corrupts 'ms->c' (christos)
0000104: [General] pdf file incorrectly reported as `data` (christos)
0000185: [General] file doesn't know the extension of GIF/TIFF/PSD file (christos)
0000181: [General] Minor Opus Tweaks (christos)
0000182: [General] ELF shared object without dynamic section considered dynamically linked (christos)
0000183: [General] “PR 93:file incorrectly recognizes -static-pie binaries” should be reopened. (christos)
0000178: [General] Opus audio information not displayed for Opus files (christos)
0000177: [General] Add GNU/Emacs pdumper image support (christos)
0000179: [General] libmagic: Haiku build fix proposal (christos)
0000176: [General] Messages for Git objects have an incorrect id (christos)
0000175: [General] TeamViewer Session format not recognized (christos)
0000174: [General] CSV files identified as "application/csv" instead of registered "text/csv" (christos)
0000173: [General] Recognize E57 files (christos)
0000172: [General] console: Fix CGB detection (christos)
0000171: [General] New magic: More RIFF formats, Sufami Turbo, High Sierra, more textures (christos)
0000170: [General] Bad magic for Web Assembly wasm files (christos)
0000168: [General] file-5.39[seccomp][ppc64]: error: invalid application of 'sizeof' to incomplete type 'struct termios' (christos)
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