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0000176: [General] Messages for Git objects have an incorrect id (christos)
0000175: [General] TeamViewer Session format not recognized (christos)
0000174: [General] CSV files identified as "application/csv" instead of registered "text/csv" (christos)
0000173: [General] Recognize E57 files (christos)
0000172: [General] console: Fix CGB detection (christos)
0000171: [General] New magic: More RIFF formats, Sufami Turbo, High Sierra, more textures (christos)
0000170: [General] Bad magic for Web Assembly wasm files (christos)
0000168: [General] file-5.39[seccomp][ppc64]: error: invalid application of 'sizeof' to incomplete type 'struct termios' (christos)
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